Good. Fast. Inexpensive. (Pick any 3).

Are you needing help with technology?

Some common issues:

  • Security concerns
    • Password muddles
    • Worries about being hacked
    • Alarming or confusing messages
  • Collaboration frustrations
    • Document Sharing
    • Microsoft Teams
    • SharePoint
  • Digital photos
    • Organising collections
    • Transferring between devices
    • Backing up
  • Programs not working
    • App subscriptions
    • Used to work, now it doesn’t
    • Taking a long time to open
  • Computer misbehaving
    • Running slower
    • Annoying pop-up messages
    • Printing difficulties
  • Storage problems
    • Running out of hard disk space
    • Backing up to the cloud
  • Email issues
    • Spam or Spoof emails
    • Emails not sending
    • Finding emails
    • Saving attachments
  • Upgrade Questions
    • Replacing Hardware
    • Software – Free v Paid versions

Remote Working & Collaboration – Fun for Everyone

Computers are a useful part of our work and home lives, but they don’t always work as reliably – or quickly – as we’d like.

Sometimes that’s just an(other) annoying aspect of modern life, but you don’t always have lots of time to solve these problems. Sometimes you just really need it fixed quickly!

The switch to Remote Meetings and Document Collaboration has raised the stakes – everyone waiting while you fiddle around…

I provide a fast response service to get you up and running, connected, authenticated, communicating – working productively again.

The majority of my support is for Windows PCs, although I do look at Mac and Android issues from time to time.

Initial consultation is free.

Based in Oban, Argyll