Support – Wherever you are

Pain relief for your technology woes, be they occasional or constant. I have dealt with most of the questions that people always think are too basic to ask. And I have reserves of patience that are not inexhaustible, but do take a great deal of exhausting.

I help people with most of the issues that crop up:

  • Security concerns (eg Password muddle, Hack fears)
  • Collaboration frustrations (eg MS Teams, SharePoint)
  • Digital photos (eg Transferring, Organising)
  • Programs not working properly (or at all)
  • Windows doing something strange
  • Mysterious Slowdowns
  • Storage problems
  • Email guddles
  • Upgrades

I do look at Mac and Android issues from time to time, but mainly Windows.
Initial consultation is free. Charges are usually £30 per hour – but a fair hour – I offer you good value.

Based in Oban, Argyll.